Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!
to the Dance Studios
Across America that
joined us at
The Power of Dance
in 2021 and raised over

for their chosen charities!

Welcome to The Power of Dance, where dancers perform not just for applause, but for a cause! Each studio that enters The Power of Dance chooses a charity to represent, and competes not just to win cash prizes for themselves, but donations for their charity as well. In the last few years, we've helped raise over $613,000 for worthy causes, thanks to studio onwers that care about the development of their students not just as dancers, but as people.

The message that The Power of Dance wants to send to your kids, and ours, is that their talents and gifts do not reach their true potential until they are used to help others. Twenty years from today, your dancer will not remember what color ribbon she got last weekend. But she will remember the time that she danced to help pay for a baby's surgery. Or to grant a gravely ill child's wish. Or to help a family who lost their home to a fire. She'll remember that she joined with her fellow artists in a common cause, and that together they made a difference in someone's life.

And that's why we've decided to harness The Power of Dance, and to encourage today's dancers to not only do well, but to do Good. We hope you'll join us!!